Our team

BioTeam is primarily a group of scientists who were forced to learn I.T., software development and High Performance Computing to get their research done. We all found great satisfaction in understanding and leveraging these technologies to drive our own research and that of our colleagues. This passion for ‘Bio-IT’ is a natural fit for BioTeam which has been focused on using I.T. to enable science since the company’s inception in 2002.


With backgrounds in Government, Pharma, BioTech and Academia, our team members have done research in such fields as biochemistry, parallel computing, neuroscience, genetics, proteomics, computational biophysics and plant genomics. We’ve published in top journals and helped launch products and services across the life sciences field.

team member designing on a whiteboard

IT Professionals

Our team has run core computing centers, designed national high speed networks, built high performance computing clusters, implemented custom bioinformatics pipelines in the cloud, built custom web applications and much more. We focus on practical approaches that leverage I.T. in ways that are effective in a scientific research environment.

Life Sciences

Through our work at BioTeam and from our previous backgrounds, BioTeam has experience working in a wide variety of life science computing environments. We bring together our scientific and I.T. skills to provide real-world solutions to our clients’ Bio-IT challenges.

Meet the Team

Photo of Wisdom Akpan

Wisdom Akpan

Scientific Systems Engineer

Javier Alonso

Senior Scientific Consultant
Bruno Alvisio

Bruno Alvisio

Senior Scientific Engineer

Tom Bartlett

Senior Director, Client Relations and Business Development

Michelle Bayly

Senior Scientific Consultant
Ari Berman, CEO

Ari Berman

Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Laura Boykin

Laura Boykin

Senior Scientific Consultant

Lauren Callahan


Eva Campbell

Client Relations Manager
Photo of Myra Caesar

Myra Ceasar

Senior Delivery Services Consultant
Photo of Kristen Cleveland

Kristen Cleveland

Senior Director, Delivery Services
Photo of Shane Corder

Shane Corder

Senior Scientific Consultant

Jacob Czech

Senior Scientific Consultant

Chris Dagdigian

Co-Founder and Technical Director, Infrastructure

Aqsa Dar

Senior Delivery Services Consultant

Jarett DeAngelis

Scientific Systems Engineer

Markus Dittrich

Vice President, Consulting Services
Photo of Nick George

Nicholas George

Scientific Consultant
Photo of Stan Gloss

Stan Gloss

Founding Partner and Chief Marketing Officer

Karl Gutwin

Director, Software Engineering Services
Photo of Sam Heaps

Sam Heaps

Scientific Systems Engineer
Photo of Brette Hirsch

Brette Hirsh

Corporate Counsel

Alicia Hosey

Marketing Manager

John Jacquay

Senior Scientific Systems Engineer

Cynthia Jessel

General Counsel and Executive Vice-President
Headshot of Adam Kraut

Adam Kraut

Senior Director, Architecture and Marketing
Photo of Roy Kyles

Roy Kyles

Client Relations Manager

Alex Oumantsev

Senior Scientific Engineer
Photo of Brian Osborne

Brian Osborne

Senior Director, Science
Photo of Olivia Park

Olivia Park

Scientific Systems Engineer
Photo of Brandon Patton

Brandon Patton

Director, Network Services
Photo of Jordan Ramsdell

Jordan Ramsdell

Scientific Consultant

Bhanu Rekepalli

Senior Director, Government Services

Anna Sowa

Senior Scientific Consultant
Photo of Simon Twigger

Simon Twigger

Director, Data Science

Bill Van Etten

Co-founder and Senior Scientific Consultant

John Villa

Senior Scientific Engineer
Kellie Wilson headshot

Kellie Wilson

Senior Delivery Services Consultant
Photo of Martha Zemen

Martha Zemen

Delivery Services Consultant