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Storage strategy, design and implementation to manage scientific data safely and securely.

Today storing vast amounts of data is largely a solved problem and can be handled on-premise, at the edge and in the cloud. At BioTeam we can design for the unsolved, and much harder, challenges of data awareness, classification, curation and managing scientific data safely and securely through a full scientific lifecycle.

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Hosting petabytes of open-access data is both a challenge and a necessity

Our industry has seen a major shift with genomic and NGS data volumes being eclipsed by images as a new dominant data type. The rising use of machine learning (ML) techniques has fundamentally altered storage architecture and tiering designs. ML and AI workloads often require fast access to both new and old data in order to support constant cycles of model training and validation. Low-friction high-speed data movement and tight integration with cloud environments hosting petabytes of open-access data has become both a challenge and a necessity.

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Partner with BioTeam for your scientific storage strategy and implementation.

Storage strategy, design and implementation for scientific environments has been a core BioTeam specialty practice since we were founded. We have the experience to build storage capabilities that can host and provide access to petabytes of scientific data safely and securely—an essential component of your scientific data ecosystem.

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