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Collaborating with life sciences companies for over 20 years

BioTeam has collaborated with a broad range of pharma, biotech, and agricultural companies since 2002 to help them accelerate their scientific research and improve people’s lives.

Scientists face many obstacles in harnessing critical IT resources that impact how they can find, access, interoperate with and reuse research data. Whether managing the exponential growth of data, integrating applications efficiently or improving data security; we work closely with scientists and IT departments to develop strategies to overcome these challenges.

We understand the importance of applying a holistic approach that goes beyond installing new technology. Our solutions include translating your scientific and clinical research needs into powerful, implementable IT plans and designs, increasing research performance by building or improving all aspects of scientific data ecosystems, and applying our mastery of science, data, and the latest technologies to deliver a best-fit foundation for your current and future research needs.

BioTeam has helped commercial clients:

  • Establish best practices for cloud adoption, data migration, and security
  • Support technology and HPC capabilities for assessing and visualizing complex analytics
  • Foster a culture of data literacy, sharing, and stewardship
  • Manage data as a product by creating data centers of excellence
  • Transform IT from a cost center to a business partner
  • Integrate data with new acquisitions and partners
  • Establish data management standards to make data FAIR