Who We Are & What We Do

BioTeam is a high-performance consulting practice. We are dedicated to delivering objective, technology agnostic solutions to life science researchers. We leverage the right technologies customized to our clients unique needs in order to enable them to reach their scientific objectives.

Our Mission

Leveraging high-performance information technology and our established best practices to modernize and transform the scientific process.

Our Value Proposition

Our solutions are driven by our clients and their science, and are specifically tailored to meet the scientific needs of the organization. We take an integrative approach to streamlining computer aided research from the lab bench to knowledge.

  • Chris Dagdigian was out and about once again this past week, presenting at the 2017 Association of Independent Research Institutes’ (AIRI) National Meeting, where he discussed approaches to dealing with main challenge we see in BioIT today, notably that “Science evolves faster than IT can...

  • On September 19th BioTeam’s Chris Dagdigian joined OpenSky Corporation’s Mark Coderre to discuss “the intersection of Science, IT and Data Protection beyond compliance and regulation”.

  • BioTeam will be in New Orleans this coming week attending the PEARC 17 conference (previously known as the XSEDE series). Bhanu Rekapalli and CEO Stan Gloss will be on site representing BioTeam at one of our favorite High Performance Computing events of the year.

  • BioTeam is pleased to continue its longstanding support of the Galaxy Project by once again sponsoring the annual Galaxy Community Conference (GCC). This conference will be taking place from June 26th through June 30th in Montpellier, France.

  • We are excited to announce that BioTeam is once again contributing to the The Disruptive Storage Workshop 3.0 hosted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH), taking place July 13th and 14th in Baltimore, MD.  BioTeam and BPSH have worked together for many...

  • BioTeam is presenting two talks at the iRODS User Group Meeting 2017 taking place next week in Utrecht, The Netherlands. John Jacquay and Aaron Gardner will be sharing many of the software and architectural design patterns BioTeam has been using to incorporate iRODS into our...