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We are driven to increase the speed of biomedical discovery.

A scientific computing consulting company focused on bringing together people, data, and advanced technology to accelerate science since 2002.

Scientific Data Ecosystems:
The Backbone of Modern Biomedicine

BioTeam solves the most challenging research, technical, and operational problems to empower scientists to change the world faster.

Scientists need to execute large-scale simulations and complex analytics in a culture that supports collaboration. Their massive data workflows must move seamlessly on an infrastructure that interconnects resources on distributed devices, commercial clouds, and HPC centers throughout their research environment.

To build scientific data ecosystems that provide the digital backbone for biomedical innovation to thrive since 2002, BioTeam’s interdisciplinary team has the skills to align people, processes, and culture, with data science strategies, scientific computing, and advanced IT technologies.

Bioteam Infographic Scientific Data Ecosystems

Increase the Impact of Your Data

Biomedical leaders of the future will employ leading-edge scientific data ecosystems. At the moment, however, most scientists are slowed down by siloed data and disconnected capabilities.

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As a scientific leader you want to maximize the return on your research and IT activities.

BioTeam can help you:

  • Align data, technology, processes, and people to accelerate science discovery.
  • Establish a digital strategy that is centrally guided and locally executed.
  • Master your data so they become a strategic asset.
  • Manage data as a product by creating data centers of excellence.
  • Foster a culture of data literacy, sharing, and stewardship.
  • Transform IT from a cost center to a business partner.
  • Integrate your data with new acquisitions and partners.

As scientists you need to make it easier to conduct your research.

BioTeam can help you:

  • Design systems that support state-of-the-art bioinformatics.
  • Establish data management standards to make data FAIR—and able to utilize AI/ML analytics.
  • Implement data hygiene and governance to harmonize data, allowing researchers to ask questions spanning projects.
  • Eliminate data silos and enable collaboration with data lakes and data commons.
  • Implement analytics and visualization tools with the most advanced capabilities.
  • Translate your scientific needs into IT requirements to scale and automate your research.
  • Integrate data from new instruments to maximize value.

As information technologists you need to support the rapid pace of scientific innovation.

BioTeam can help you:

  • Keep up with the fast-changing IT needs of scientific innovation while maximizing investment and adoption.
  • Design IT networks for effective data flow within the scientific ecosystem.
  • Map the needs of researchers to specific IT solutions, on premises and in the cloud.
  • Implement best practices for cloud adoption, data migration and security.
  • Provide technology and HPC capabilities that support complex analytics.
  • Implement storage strategies that manage petabytes of scientific data safely and securely.
  • Implement science-friendly security practices.
Data Centers

Delivering Scientific Data Ecosystems for Life Sciences

One thing is certain, pharma has already had a long history with data and the scientific computing journey has only just begun.
Bryn Roberts
SVP & Global Head of Data Services, Roche
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A Holistic Approach to Building Scientific Data Ecosystems

Successful ecosystems require more than technology.

When building data ecosystems to maximize research performance, we understand the importance of applying a holistic approach that goes beyond installing new technology. BioTeam has the scientific, technological, and organizational expertise to:

  • Align recommendations with your organization’s scientific mission.
  • Design technology foundations that fit into existing and future environments.
  • Address the culture that leads to data silos and train scientists to encourage adoption of new tools and processes.
  • Collaborate in depth with your staff to transfer our knowledge so your team can maintain new solutions going forward.

Our Practices

Your partner for seamlessly integrated scientific data ecosystems

A thriving scientific data ecosystem has many interrelated components, all of which must work together successfully to close the gap between what scientists want to do with data—and what they can do.

BioTeam scientists, data scientists, and technologists are experts at translating scientific needs into a solution that works for your organization. Rely on us to integrate all the components into a functioning and powerful environment that allows your scientists to reach their goals.

Our Methodology

From assessment to implementation. We increase research performance by engaging with all stages of scientific data ecosystem development.

Assess ›

Expert assessments of your IT environment, from a rapid, tactical appraisal of a technical plan to broad evaluations of your current and future needs.

Strategize ›

Prepare for the future with long-term strategies that align with your mission and take into account enterprise and scientific IT needs, along with administrative and business interests.

Design ›

Design a state-of-the-art infrastructure with scalable, high-performance compute and storage systems running on the most advanced networks.

Build ›

From instrument computation to supercomputing and cloud-scale, we will build the infrastructure that will drive your research forward.

Train ›

Develop your own expertise cost-effectively with our hands-on, fun and interactive training that brings your own use cases together with our real-world experience.

Support ›

To enhance the success of our engagements, BioTeam offers short-term strategic support for the systems and technologies we design and build.

Why Choose BioTeam

Relentlessly Focused on Accelerating Science

Scientists, data scientists, and technologists with deep experience in biotech, pharma, government, academia, and non-profits since 2002, we are dedicated to helping scientists change the world even faster. We’re passionate about translating scientific needs into powerful, implementable IT solutions and take pride in our ability to bridge the gap that often exists between science and IT.

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