Who We Are & What We Do

BioTeam is a high-performance consulting practice. We are dedicated to delivering objective, technology agnostic solutions to life science researchers. We leverage the right technologies customized to our clients unique needs in order to enable them to reach their scientific objectives.

Our Mission

Leveraging high-performance information technology and our established best practices to modernize and transform the scientific process.

Our Value Proposition

Our solutions are driven by our clients and their science, and are specifically tailored to meet the scientific needs of the organization. We take an integrative approach to streamlining computer aided research from the lab bench to knowledge.

  • Trends from the Trenches, Chris Dagdigian's popular 'state of the industry' address, has its 10th anniversary at BioIT World 2020. Chris will be presenting again this year along with a star-studded panel of industry experts. We've edited the 2019 Trends video so you can see what to look forward to in April this year!

  • BioTeam has been involved in Data Commons projects for over 3 years but recently one platform kept cropping up in conversations – University of Chicago’s Gen3. This led BioTeam’s Bill Van Etten and John Jacquay to start learning more about the platform and eventually the...

  • November 19, 2019 — Middleton, MA — BioTeam, Inc., a research computing consultancy specializing in life sciences, has promoted Dr. Ari Berman, Ph.D., to Chief Executive Officer. In his new role, Dr. Berman will expand the company’s reach into the scientific and business communities, helping...

  • Image: Firing up a public cluster configured to deploy through a logging Squid proxy was the only way to discover all of the various Internet-based URls and endpoints that AWS Parallelcluster needs in order to successfully complete a full deployment.  AWS ParallelCluster Private Deployment in...