Who We Are & What We Do

BioTeam is a high-performance consulting practice. We are dedicated to delivering objective, technology agnostic solutions to life science researchers. We leverage the right technologies customized to our clients unique needs in order to enable them to reach their scientific objectives.

Our Mission

Leveraging high-performance information technology and our established best practices to modernize and transform the scientific process.

Our Value Proposition

Our solutions are driven by our clients and their science, and are specifically tailored to meet the scientific needs of the organization. We take an integrative approach to streamlining computer aided research from the lab bench to knowledge.

  •   In this week’s HPCwire, BioTeam’s Ari Berman explores the scientific advances that have lead to this growing data challenge and discusses both the IT implications of managing and utilizing these quantities of data and the challenges these volumes of data present to the scientist...

  • April 18th, 2018, 12-1pm EDT. In part 2 of their IT Project Validation webinar series, BioTeam’s Kristen Cleveland joins forces with Ron Welter (Hawkins Point Partners) to talk more about the challenges associated with deploying IT systems in a regulated environment. In this webinar they are joined by special guest, Hitesh Bhatt (Managing Director of IT Quality & Regulatory Compliance Services for Hawkins Point Partners) to talk about the issues associated with implementing and validating SaaS

  • In part two of the Berman and Gardner interview (Part 1 here) the discussion turns to storage technology options, fast networking for life sciences, and diversifying choices in processors from Intel, AMD, and IBM, , . They consider technology examples and issues of power utilization, raw...

  • In the March 1st issue of HPCwire, BioTeam’s Ari Berman and Aaron Gardner are featured in part 1 of a wide-ranging discussion about trends in High-Performance Computing. Their discussion covers AI, Analytics, and insights into leading strengths and capabilities of premiere cloud platforms. They review...