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High Performance Computing

Invest in HPC to accelerate scientific research.

Investment in high performance computing (HPC) systems is now key for conducting research to deliver innovative medicines. Failure to invest in such a system will present significant obstacles to research progress. BioTeam helps scientific organizations invest in HPC by understanding the current and future needs of the organization and seamlessly integrating capabilities into the scientific data ecosystem.

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Demand is growing for HPC capabilities

HPC capability has become mission-critical across the entire organization—from discovery to target identification, screening, validation, diagnostics, manufacturing and all stages of clinical operations. In addition, demand for computing has been magnified by the current revolution in imaging-based instrumentation. Such advances as confocal and lattice lightsheet microscopes and Cryogenic Electron Microscopy have caused exponential growth in the rate and speed of data generation.

Integrate HPC capabilities throughout your ecosystem

At the same time, HPC resource requirements have diffused “out of the datacenter.” Organizations must be prepared to design, deploy, integrate and support HPC capability in the cloud, on desktops, across multiple labs, in healthcare settings and at the network edge. Servers, storage, specialized resources such as General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs), schedulers and software stacks all must be assembled as a unified whole so researchers can properly harness the power in scientific computing environments.

Partner With Us

Partner with BioTeam scientific HPC experts to make informed decisions.

BioTeam has the domain knowledge and industry expertise to help scientific research organizations make informed decisions about HPC. We understand that an effective HPC system is more than just a large number of computers — it’s a critical component of your scientific data ecosystem. We design environments with tuned and optimized hardware and software to provide a complete environment for enabling the acceleration of science.

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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

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