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Data Governance

Govern the use, integrity, sharing and security of scientific data.

Data governance consists of the policies, procedures and rules governing the appropriate use of data, including data integrity, security and the metrics that track these steps. As organizations face new data privacy regulations and data are shared with ever-broader communities, data governance has become an essential component of a scientific data ecosystem. BioTeam has the cross-disciplinary and best-practices expertise to align scientists, scientific processes and technology to maximize and protect the value of your scientific data assets.

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Why data governance matters in science research

Data governance helps accelerate and protect scientific discovery through access to more accurate and insightful advanced analytics and data science practices. In addition, rising concerns about improper manipulation of data, as well as misuse of statistical methods in data science, require strong data governance policies and practices to curb the degeneration of data or the scientific methods used to analyze them.

Partner With Us

Partner with BioTeam to implement best practices in scientific data governance.

BioTeam works closely with clients to create a holistic data governance solution that responds to each organizations’ unique needs. Working alongside your governance team, data stewards, scientists and IT teams, we will establish best-practice standards and policies governing data. Then we will train staff to implement and enforce procedures.

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Data Governance