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Advanced Networking

Up to 400-gigabit research networks from the labs, across the metro and into the cloud.

Data-intensive life science often requires networking capability and capacity that exceeds what enterprise organizations typically deploy in their network core. BioTeam has the advanced networking expertise to assist in the lab, in the building, across the campus, across the metro and WAN-scale network and into the cloud. Scientists are able to conduct their research in real time, without download downtime.

BioTeam regularly assists with 40-gigabit and 100-gigabit network deployments at scales ranging from campus-wide designs to ingest of data streaming from a single high-scale instrument. Several BioTeam clients already have Research IT roadmaps that include 400-gigabit network segments.

Advanced Networking

Life science networking requires more than speed

Beyond network speed, life sciences networking is becoming more complex. Virtual collaborations and remote-workforce requirements drive zero-trust network designs and single-stream data transfer requirements, eclipsing the capabilities of traditional “enterprise-grade” firewalls and in-path security devices.

Partner With Us

Partner with BioTeam to build an advanced scientific networking environment.

BioTeam has deep experience designing advanced networks that support your entire scientific data ecosystem by eliminating research downtime caused by slow download times. The result: accelerated research workflows.

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