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Advanced Networking

High-Speed Networking Optimized for Secure and Collaborative Scientific Research

Data-intensive life science often requires networking capabilities and capacity that exceed what enterprise IT organizations typically deploy. BioTeam’s advanced networking expertise enables scientists to conduct research and collaborate in real-time—whether within the lab, over the Internet, or in the cloud–without compromising access, speed, or data security.

By optimizing the network infrastructure to support the high data throughput and security required by scientific devices, BioTeam ensures that organizations get the most out of their technology. We also develop efficient and secure methods for sharing research data to facilitate seamless collaboration among researchers. Designed in close collaboration with the enterprise IT team, our custom network and security solutions provide a secure and efficient research environment that meets both IT requirements and researcher needs.

Advanced Networking

Life science networks require more than traditional security

Beyond network speed, life sciences networking is becoming more complex. Virtual collaborations and remote-workforce requirements drive zero-trust network designs and single-stream data transfer requirements, eclipsing the capabilities of traditional “enterprise-grade” firewalls and in-path security devices.

Partner With Us

Partner with BioTeam to build an advanced scientific networking environment.

BioTeam has deep experience designing advanced networks that support your entire scientific data ecosystem by eliminating research downtime caused by slow download times. The result: accelerated research workflows.

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