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Trusted partner to life sciences government agencies

BioTeam has been a partner to the life sciences public sector since our inception in 2002. Today we remain relentlessly focused on assisting agencies to achieve their mission by implementing digital transformation strategies that accelerate their scientific discovery.

To facilitate digital transformations in the public sector, we combine our deep understanding of scientific researchers’ needs and federal rules/regulations, with advanced technologies, data science, and change management practices.

Our work with life science institutes spans from recommendations regarding storage of petabytes of data, to promoting and enabling scientists to have sufficient compute, as well as leading a team that is responsible for building out a dedicated scientific IT organization to support a national institution.

BioTeam has helped government clients:

  • Keep up with the fast-changing IT needs of scientific innovation while maximizing investment and adoption
  • Establish a digital strategy that is centrally guided and locally executed
  • Implement science-friendly security practices
  • Map research needs to specific IT solutions, on premises and in the cloud
  • Support technology and HPC capabilities for assessing and visualizing complex analytics
  • Establish data management standards to make data FAIR

Government Case Studies