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Cloud Architecture

Innovative cloud computing environments speed up science research and reduce costs.

Cloud computing platforms equip research teams with the computation power that only comes with the cloud, fundamentally changing how life science organizations approach IT infrastructure and distributed computing. BioTeam has deep expertise in building innovative cloud computing environments in Pharma and Biotech since the first generation of Amazon Web Services in 2008. Effective adoption of cloud platforms requires architecting, engineering, and optimizing your business and technology culture around these new systems. BioTeam guides clients by assessing, designing and implementing secure cloud platforms that can speed up science, reduce costs and scale for future growth.

Cloud Architecture

Implement a balanced, holistic approach to cloud architecture

BioTeam works with clients to assess the underlying scientific needs that are driving cloud adoption. We develop innovative strategies for using these platforms. By combining our collective insights from other practice areas such as high-performance computing, storage and data management, machine learning, and security, we bring a balanced and holistic approach to the cloud in order to solve complex scientific scenarios. We pay special attention to educating our clients on best practices, engineering principles and economics of the cloud so that your organization uses platforms intelligently and —all while reaping the benefits of a cloud-based expandable infrastructure.

Build an interdisciplinary DevOps culture

DevOps is a cross-functional discipline that involves technical infrastructure, tools, techniques and cultural changes that result in improved system development and IT agility. BioTeam has pioneered the adoption of infrastructure-as-code in life sciences organizations, enabling rapid digital transformations and reducing the time it takes to generate scientific results. Our deep knowledge of scientific software allows us to bring innovative automation techniques that improve the performance, security and reproducibility of your workflows and pipelines.

Highly observable cloud environments with implicit security standards and compliance

Scientific organizations require fully virtualized environments where all actions are API driven and leave an audit trail. These are an ideal starting point for building out highly observable environments where security standards and compliance requirements are implicit rather than an afterthought. Audit trails that are accurate down to the individual API call, when combined with fine-trained identity, authorization and access controls, are a major reason why the cloud is becoming the default choice in scientific research when data location, sovereignty, regulatory and compliance issues are a concern.

Partner With Us

Partner with BioTeam to design and implement your cloud architecture.

BioTeam specializes in DataOps, SecDevOps and building an interdisciplinary DevOps culture into your organization and your scientific data ecosystem to help you achieve your scientific mission. We use DevOps and infrastructure-as-code methods to bring the same levels of self-documentation, reproducibility, version control and change-management to IT environments and infrastructure that researchers are used to seeing with laboratory protocols and SOPs.

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Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

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