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Supporting nonprofit missions with scientific digital transformation

Digital technologies today are transforming every aspect of scientific research. BioTeam supports nonprofit organizations by making their data FAIR, designing and implementing advanced technologies, and creating workflows that further discovery across the life sciences community.

Multiple systems and dataake it difficult for nonprofit organizations to keep pace with change and remain mission focused. To meet the unique needs of nonprofits, we deliver scientific digital transformation that help them achieve their central mission while controlling costs. We help organizations reshape their infrastructure by aligning data, technology, processes, and people to accelerate discovery.

BioTeam has helped nonprofit clients:

  • Utilize storage strategies that manage petabytes of data safely and securely
  • Interpret data from new instruments to maximize value
  • Scale and automate research by leveraging advanced technologies
  • Establish data management standards to make data FAIR—and able to utilize AI/ML analytics
  • Design systems that support state-of-the-art bioinformatics