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About Us

A scientific IT consulting company at the intersection of science, data and technology since 2002, BioTeam is relentlessly focused on closing the gap between what scientists want to do with data—and what they can do.

Our Passion:
Accelerating science

As scientists, data scientists and technologists with deep experience in biotech, pharma, government, academia and non-profits, we are dedicated to empowering other scientists to change the world even faster. Drawing on our hands-on knowledge of lab technologies, bioinformatics, clinical informatics, genomics, structural biology and more, we are able to understand your scientific needs and translate them into powerful IT designs.

We have the passion—and the interdisciplinary capabilities—to solve your most complex scientific data and technology problems.

Our Expertise: Building the digital backbone to power modern science

Scientists must be able to efficiently access, analyze, share and integrate the petabytes of data generated by devices and programs throughout their global research system.

BioTeam builds integrated data ecosystems that provide the IT backbone of modern science. Our systems allow massive data workflows to move seamlessly back and forth on a converged infrastructure that interconnects distributed devices, resources on commercial clouds and computing capacity. The result: scientists can execute large-scale simulations and analytics throughout their ecosystem without downtime.

Our Differentiators: Interdisciplinary capabilities and collaboration

  • Mastery of science, data and technology.
  • Partnership approach, putting client interests first.
  • Strategic thinking and skilled execution.
  • Holistic approach to solving problems.
  • Best practices based on hands-on experience.
  • Vendor and technology neutrality.
  • Deep collaboration to improve outcomes.

Our Values: An integral part of our DNA

  • Genuine: You can trust the deep personal relationships we form.
  • Ethical: We are transparent, never “making” work.
  • Collaborative: The relationships we form are collaborative, whether with clients, peers, partners or competitors.
  • Innovative: We are driven to achieve material differences by delivering creative outcomes.
  • Quality-focused: Our work exceeds expectations. To quote a client: “One BioTeam person is worth five from another consulting group.”

Our History:
Commitment to science

When his father died of pancreatic cancer five weeks after being diagnosed, Stan Gloss committed himself to increasing the speed of scientific discovery. That same year—2002—Stan and associates Chris Dagdigian, Bill Van Etten and Michael Athanas launched BioTeam. These four bio-IT pioneers had a sole purpose: to accelerate scientific research by bridging the gap that often exists between science and IT. Today, many groundbreaking engagements later, BioTeam’s commitment to move science forward by solving problems at the intersection of biomedicine, data science and technology remains stronger than ever.