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Increasing the speed of discovery with researchers in higher education

BioTeam collaborates with higher education institutions to accelerate scientific innovation in the life sciences. We apply our scientific, technology and data expertise to understand the institution’s current and future research needs and seamlessly integrate the most advanced capabilities into their scientific data ecosystem.

Researchers in higher education are under enormous pressure. Complex funding challenges, increasingly robust compliance rules, and rapidly changing technologies are all obstacles that slow down research. Scientists must also make their data more accessible to colleagues and demonstrate its reach to institutional decision-makers.

We have the passion and interdisciplinary capabilities to solve your most complex scientific, data, and technology problems. With our understanding of scientific research and mastery of science, data, and advanced technologies, we deliver a best-fit foundation for your current—and future—research needs.

BioTeam has helped academia clients:

  • Establish data management standards to make data FAIR
  • Harmonize data to allow researchers to ask questions spanning projects
  • Enable collaboration with data lakes and data commons
  • Design IT networks for effective data flow within a scientific ecosystem
  • Implement analytics and visualization tools with the most advanced capabilities