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BioTeam High Performance Computing Testing Environment Supports Scientific Innovation

By Shane Corder

Dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery, BioTeam leverages enhanced computing infrastructures to empower research across the globe. To support this mission, BioTeam operates the Convergence Lab housed within the Texas Advanced Computing Center’s (TACC) Commons Data Center on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus at The University of Texas at Austin.

The Lab serves as a dynamic hub for scientific inquiry, providing an optimal environment for high performance computing (HPC) activities and an on-premises cloud. It is a significant center for developing HPC-related services, essential for flexible experimentation and driving progress in scientific endeavors. BioTeam extends the accessibility of these resources to scientists in developing nations with limited access to computing resources to help them conduct research aimed at improving health in their regions.

The Convergence Lab shares TACC’s commitment to advancing science and society through sophisticated computing technologies. TACC enables groundbreaking discoveries through the application of some of the world’s most powerful state-of-the-art computing technologies and pioneering software solutions. This commitment ensures that researchers have the tools necessary to address complex questions and push the boundaries of knowledge.

BioTeam invests in the Convergence Lab to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Access to Advanced Computing for Scientists in Developing Countries: BioTeam’s commitment to the African Centers for Excellence in Bioinformatics (ACE) initiative is demonstrated through its support. The Lab provides advanced computing capabilities for the ACE project, benefiting scientists and students in Uganda and Mali. Following the retirement of Stampede2 (a TACC supercomputer, a portion of which was donated to the Convergence Lab), BioTeam is expanding its support to include additional research efforts to other countries in Africa and Southeast Asia as part of the “Stampede2 4 Good” initiative.
  2. Skillset Enhancement for BioTeam Consultants: BioTeam recognizes the pivotal role of staying at the forefront of technology. The Lab serves as a dynamic environment where BioTeam consultants actively engage, expanding their skill sets on advanced technologies. This hands-on experience empowers them to experiment with innovative technologies, create new solutions, test innovative concepts, and develop best practices.
  3. Proof of Concept Testing: The Lab provides a secure environment for BioTeam and our clients to conduct proof-of-concept studies on hardware and software. Leveraging the Lab, BioTeam consultants can experiment with and validate creative solutions specifically tailored to address complex challengesscientific research teams encounter. This proactive approach ensures that solutions are refined and effective before being deployed in real-world scenarios, providing clients with valuable insights before they make significant investments.


By providing advanced computing capabilities, enhancing skill sets, and offering a platform for proof of concept experimentation, the Convergence Lab plays a crucial role in accelerating scientific discovery and improving health outcomes globally. BioTeam will continue actively collaborating with technology vendors to seek contributions to further expand the Lab’s technology capabilities.

For questions about the Convergence Lab, please contact Shane Corder, Senior Scientific Consultant at BioTeam.



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