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Lauren Callahan


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Lauren’s passion for all things numbers stems from her belief that keeping accurate financial records are the backbone of any business. In supporting a business’s financial needs within different industries, she has been able to see all the different puzzle pieces that go into a company’s operations. That’s exciting for her. Lauren joined BioTeam with the excitement and skills learned and developed over the years to support the accounting team and the company as a whole.


Lauren started out her accounting career by interning at Citi Field where she took on financial and administrative projects relating to the maintenance of the stadium. From there, she moved on to working in the NYC restaurant scene where she handled financial activities for multiple restaurants located throughout the city and served as a liaison between the front and back office staff. She helped develop efficient daily accounting practices by taking a hands-on approach in understanding the daily restaurant operations and how that reflects in back office systems. From there, Lauren brought the skills learned to Bell and Company, a wealth management firm that handles the finances for clients generally in the entertainment industry. She took on a wide range of accounting and finance tasks such as developing budgets, accounts payable, payroll processing, audit preparation, and financial planning while serving as a key contact person for client’s day to day financial needs.

Personal Interests:

I love to read and am particularly fond of historical fiction novels. I enjoy traveling when possible, especially to unique destinations. The most interesting travel experience I’ve had was when I was standing at the peak of Mount Titlis in Switzerland. There was a snowstorm occurring and temperatures had plunged to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. I enjoy watching travel food blogs, Korean dramas and Jeopardy reruns.


Montclair, NJ