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Menen Mathias-Fredericks, M.D.

Senior Scientific Consultant

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I am a physician who specializes in the digital health solutions space, especially EHRs. I have a broad background in research, clinical implementations, and as a scientific consulting project director. In my role at BioTeam, I will act as a Clinical Informatics subject matter expert to provide day-to-day project planning and implement multiple projects, including projects not related to Clinical Informatics.

As an participant in initial sales technical review calls, I will provide guidance in writing project proposals, clarifying specific requirements of each project, including project scope, objectives, budget, resources, and technical feasibility.

In addition, I will collaborate with the team to develop solutions to address clinical data integration, data management, and computing needs that can work for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments.

Scientific Areas:

  • EHR Implementations
  • Clinical Workflow Analysis
  • Scientific and Medical Consulting projects with results driven approaches
  • Scientific Writing


Menen received her BS from Columbia University in Chemistry and then attended Hahnmemann University School of Medicine (now Drexel University) for her Medical Degree. While attending medical school, she worked on Independent Study in Surgical specialties and she continued during her General Surgery residency training. After surgical residency in Brooklyn New York, she obtained a coveted NIH-funded research fellowship focus at University of Virginia was in pulmonary reperfusion injury and the drug Aprotonin (also known as the bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor Trasylol).

As a NextGen EHR template designer, Menen created templates, documents and worked with all teams on several implementations from paper-based charts and trained colleagues on how to implement them across academic medical centers. As a senior physician consultant with NextGen Healthcare, she supported the integration of evidence-based strategies to improve digital health solutions for provider and patients.

As the lead director of clinical implementations, I developed a toolkit to collaborate with fellow BioTeam colleagues to untangle the complex problems our clients have in the clinical world.

Personal Interests:

I serve as Board Director of a nonprofit food insecurity organization that provides stigma-free assistance as our clients make their way back to self-sufficiency and get back to their dreams and goals.


Teaneck, NJ