Chris Dagdigian

Co-Founder and Senior Technical Director of Infrastructure

Contact Information

M: +1.617.877.5498


Bioinformaticist-gone-bad Chris Dagdigian has spent much of the last 15 years designing, building, fixing, and improving research-focused HPC and IT systems for use in demanding production computing environments. He occasionally is known to blog, tweet, and speak about industry trends and best practices.

Focus Areas:

  • Scientific & Technical Assessments
  • RFP/RFI assistance
  • Vendor selection, procurement & purchase assistance
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Technical training, technical writing & knowledge transfer
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)
  • Science DMZs
  • Cloud architecture design & implementation
  • Petascale NAS & object storage design, deploy, refresh/replace
  • Scientific application integration


  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Grid Engine
  • Amazon Web Services


Formerly of Blackstone Computing and Genetics Institute, Dagdigian specializes in research computing and infrastructure technology issues in the life sciences. A supporter of free software and open standards for life science research, he is a founding member of the Bioperl Project, co-founder of the Bioclusters mailing list and serves on the board of directors as Treasurer of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation.

Personal Interests:

I enjoy putting down the keyboard and getting outside as often as possible. I’ve built a home office setup in Western Maine complete with a kit-built log cabin and 20ft Yurt. The eventual goal is to be the only Yurt owner on the east coast with a 10GbE ScienceDMZ!


Boston, MA and Western Maine