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Jessica StLouis

Senior Scientific Consultant

Contact Information


Meet Jessica StLouis, a Senior Scientific Consultant, bringing 17 years of hands-on experience as a healthcare provider. In her current role, she focuses on FAIR principles, biomedical ethics, transparency in AI, biomedical community engagement, and problem-solving with data management solutions. A proud member of the Research Data Alliance (RDA), she actively collaborates to enhance research practices. Jessica is passionate about accelerating science and prioritizing empathetic problem-solving. She sees collaboration as a key driver for meaningful solutions and is excited to contribute to the growth of the scientific community.

Scientific Areas:

  • Data Integration
  • FAIR
  • Research and Community Engagement
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Patient Relations
  • Hospital Systems
  • Communications
  • Training and Outreach


Jessica received her Doctorate from Samuel Merritt University in California in Podiatric Medicine. As an undergraduate, she received her B.S. in Biology with a minor in Biochemistry and Chemistry from Texas State University. As an undergraduate, she focused on soft tissue and bone adaptations in space travel. Her specific focus was Achilles tendon research, which led to her future studies and a career in foot and ankle surgery. Working with patients in the hospital, operating room, and clinic has given her a unique perspective on BioTeam’s mission statement, which is to increase the speed of biomedical discovery. She is passionate about bridging the gap between science and technology.

Personal Interests:

Baseball games
Road trips with my family
Watching my boys play sports
Listening to audiobooks while walking my big fluffy dog


Austin, TX