John Jacquay

Senior Scientific Systems Engineer

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John builds web applications, desktop applications, and APIs to support life science research. Before joining BioTeam in 2016, John worked at the University of Florida’s Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research as a scientific systems developer. During that time, he crafted his interfaces into user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, scalable, and functional software solutions. With mobile computing becoming more and more ubiquitous, John’s work strives to bridge the gap between intensive scientific computing and the common smart phone or tablet. He believes scientists should be able to work whenever and wherever they need to, harnessing the power of local or cloud infrastructure to get research done.

Focus Areas:

  • Full stack web development
  • API development
  • Workflow automation and optimization
  • Database design and management
  • Distributed dataset management
  • UI design
  • Virtualization and containers
  • Infrastructure


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Golang, Ruby, Python, C
  • LXC, Docker
  • Backbone, Ember.js

Scientific Areas:

  • Next-Gen DNA Sequencing
  • Hybridoma Cell Line Database and Inventory Management
  • Scientific Data Analysis Pipelines


John started his career in computing at a small web design and marketing company. His primary focus was the development of WordPress websites and plugins for the real estate industry, which then spurred him into API and CRM development. During this time, John increased his expertise in distributed databases and scalable real estate APIs. He was then given the opportunity to work as a software developer at the University of Florida’s Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR), which altered the trajectory of his career. At UF, John honed his skills in user interface design, as well as SPA JavaScript-based web applications. Using his newly acquired skill set, John developed a LIMS system for ICBR’s Sanger Sequencing core, exposing him to DNA sequencing techniques and high-performance bioinformatics.

Personal Interests:

When John isn’t in front of a computer coding and listening to electronic music, you will probably find him outside hiking, running, or riding a mountain bike.


Denver, CO
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