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Jacob Czech, B.S.

Senior Scientific Consultant

Contact Information



Jacob has a background in scientific visualizations and software development with a focus on cell modeling.


  • Python
  • C
  • ES6
  • React
  • BioNetGen, RuleBender
  • MCell, CellBlender
  • Vagrant
  • Ansible

Scientific Areas:

  • Cell Modelling
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Systems Biology
  • Scientific Visualizations


After graduating with a BS in Neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh, Jacob spent over ten years at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center in a variety of roles ranging from researcher to visualization specialist to software developer. Early on, he worked with various computational neuroscience models with a focus on the active zone of the frog neuromuscular junction. Later, he used the knowledge gained creating and visualizing scientific models to make educational animations geared towards students using those very same scientific tools in combination with more traditional computer animation and video editing suites. Jacob then went on to become one of core developers of MCell and CellBlender, a set of tools for designing, simulating, and visualizing cell models. Since then, he has worked on a number of other scientific modeling tools and web applications.

Personal Interests:

Jacob enjoys hiking all around the Washington area, trying out new vegan recipes, and playing way too many board games.


Seattle, WA