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BioTeam Awarded 3 Year NIH Contract to Advance Genomics Research

BioTeam, Inc., a leading scientific computing consulting company, has been awarded a 3-year (one base year plus two option years) contract by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Under this contract, BioTeam will help NHGRI enhance the sustainability of its data ecosystem to accelerate breakthrough genomic discoveries and improve lives.

Specifically, BioTeam will provide services and expertise to recommend optimal resources, infrastructure, and policies to support NHGRI’s data-intensive research mission. This marks one of several significant NIH contracts for BioTeam, highlighting the company’s specialized capabilities in large-scale biomedical data management.

“We are thrilled to partner with NHGRI on this critical initiative to advance genomics research,” said Dr. Ari Berman, CEO at BioTeam. “With over 20 years of experience working with life sciences organizations, BioTeam is uniquely positioned to help NHGRI establish a robust data framework that will drive scientific insights and innovations to improve human health.”

As part of the contract, BioTeam will collaborate with NHGRI on several key initiatives:

  • Evaluate adherence to FAIR principles and Desirable Characteristics of Data Repositories (DCDRs) across NHGRI awardee data assets and resources.
  • Explore how Resource Grant recipients have enabled FAIRness and DCDR compliance through operations and infrastructure to identify issues and successes.
  • Identify best practices and strategies for promoting FAIR principles and DCDR adherence.
  • Recommend how NHGRI, NIH, and awardees can adopt more FAIR and DCDR-aligned practices to grow the overall data ecosystem, including technology and operations solutions.
  • (Optional) Create an inventory cataloging NHGRI-funded data assets to summarize and evaluate amenability to FAIRness and DCDR adherence.

“NHGRI is the driving force for genomics research at the NIH, the world’s largest biomedical research agency,” said Dr. Bhanu Rekepalli, Vice President of Government Services at BioTeam. “We look forward to empowering and expanding the field of genomics through this strategic partnership.”

About BioTeam

BioTeam, Inc. is a scientific computing consulting company passionate about accelerating scientific discovery by closing the gap between what scientists want to do with data—and what they can do. Working at the intersection of science, data, and technology since 2002, we solve the most challenging research, technical, and operational problems that impact scientific data quality and accessibility. To increase the efficiency of scientific data ecosystems we align people, processes, and culture with data science strategies, high-performance computing, and advanced technologies. BioTeam has collaborated with leaders in life sciences research, from biotech startups to the largest global pharmaceutical companies, federal government agencies, and academic research institutions. For more information visit



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