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BioTeam Workshops and Presentations at Bio-IT World Conference and Expo, April 15-17, 2024 in Boston

Monday, April 15
W2: Best Practices to Solve Data Science Problems that Slow Down Scientific Research
Ari Berman, Ph.D., CEO
Simon Twigger, Ph.D., Principal
To accelerate scientific discovery, many systems need to be in place, including traditional bioIT systems (e.g., HPC systems, national network systems, cloud computing systems, data management systems) to other types of complex systems (e.g., software, organizations, policies, and procedures, and data ecosystems). A key factor in the success of these systems is designing for change—achieving change and accommodating change. This workshop shares best-practice approaches to solving complex technology and data science problems that slow scientific research. Use cases will be shared along with tips and best practices to implement.

Tuesday, April 16
Real-Time Genomics for One Health
Laura Boykin Okalebo, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Consultant
The concept of One Health describes how human health is inextricably linked with environmental health, many of these complex interdependencies are still not well-understood. I will describe how the advent of real-time genomic analyses can benefit One Health and how it can enable timely, in-depth ecosystem health assessments. Nanopore sequencing is the only disruptive technology that currently allows for real-time genomic analyses and is already being used worldwide to improve the accessibility and versatility of genomic sequencing. Real-time genomic studies on zoonotic disease, food security, environmental microbiome, emerging pathogens, and their antimicrobial resistances, and on environmental health itself – from genomic resource creation for wildlife conservation to the monitoring of biodiversity, invasive species, and wildlife trafficking will be showcased. Stressing why equitable access to real-time genomics in the context of One Health is paramount and will discuss related practical, legal, and ethical limitations.

Wednesday, April 17
The Future of Decentralized Data
Karl Gutwin, Ph.D., Principal Consultant
The web is experiencing a renewal of innovative, open platforms that are replacing the “walled gardens” that defined user experiences over the past two decades. This talk explores these trends in the context of scientific data, uncovering assumptions that have hindered the free flow of data. We will discuss both time-tested and novel approaches to building decentralized data mesh architectures that promote interoperability, reusability, and provenance within a data ecosystem.
Download the slides: The Future of Decentralized Data

Trends from the Trenches
Ari Berman, Ph.D., CEO
Laura Boykin Okalebo, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Consultant
Since 2010, “Trends from the Trenches” has been one of the most popular annual traditions in the Bio-IT program. The intent of the talk is to deliver a candid (and occasionally blunt) assessment of the best, the most worthwhile, and the most overhyped information technologies (IT) for life sciences. Learn about computing, storage, data transfer, networks, cloud, data science, machine learning, and more that are involved in supporting data-intensive science.



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