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Pfizer’s AI Approach: A Business Strategy for a Digital World

Headshot of Anastasia Christianson

At Pfizer, AI plays a key role in every step of the drug discovery process, Anastasia Christianson, Global Head of AI, ML, Analytics, and Data at Pfizer, tells Stan Gloss on the latest episode of the Trends from the Trenches podcast. Christianson lists the areas at Pfizer where AI is in play and for which she has AI/ML responsibility: research and discovery, clinical development, manufacturing supply chain, commercial, medical affairs, human resources, financial departments, and more. Pfizer doesn’t have a digital strategy, Christianson says, turning that buzzword on its head. “Instead, we have a business strategy for a digital world.”

Anastasia Christianson, PhD, Vice President, Global Head of AI, ML, Analytics, and Data, Pfizer Inc. 
Anastasia Christianson is a strategic, visionary leader with an established track record of building and leading multidisciplinary, global Informatics and IS/IT teams, driving change and simplification and delivering value through innovation. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry working in both Discovery and Development leading projects, managing complex portfolios, driving change programs, identifying opportunities for strategic initiatives, and translating scientific and medical questions into innovative solutions. Areas of particular strength include: strategy development and implementation, translational medicine, biomedical and health informatics, evidence-based decision makings, data and decision science, and “Big Data” exploitation.



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