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Culmination Bio’s Casey Frankenberger on Building an Infrastructure to Analyze one of the Largest Healthcare Datasets in the World

Welcome to our podcast, hosted by Stan Gloss, Co-Founder and Fellow at BioTeam.

In this podcast series, we discuss the latest trends in data science within life sciences organizations, and the technologies and strategies they are deploying to support innovation.

Casey Frankenberger is Senior Vice President, Head of Data at Culmination Bio. He is joined by host Stan Gloss, Co-Founder and Fellow at BioTeam.

Culmination Bio has access to incredibly valuable genomics and omics datasets—the largest dataset in the world for multimodal data and healthcare. To compete, it was important for Culmination Bio to build an infrastructure that could handle visualization and analysis of these massive scale datasets. Working with BioTeam, a challenge that would typically take over a year and multiple millions of dollars, was solved at a fraction of that price and in a fraction of the time.



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