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Panasas PAS 12 Unboxing

I’ve had a Pansasas PAS-12 in my home lab for longer than I’d care to admit, now that it’s almost time to box the system up and send it away I figured it would be good to post some pictures of the system (and the unboxing …)
What follows are some of my favorite pictures. The full set can be found in my Infrastructure Flickr stream

DSC 0056
One box for the director & storage blades, one box for the chassis itself
DSC 0059
Packaged blade components
DSC 0061
Unwrapped storage blade
DSC 0074
Packaging is very well done, the layer underneath the bare chassis
contains power supplies, battery unit and the misc. cables & switching blades.
DSC 0075
Battery unit macro shot
DSC 0077
Macro shot of a switching blade 1
DSC 0078
Switch blade macro 2
DSC 0079
Switch blade macro 3
DSC 0103
Blades partially installed
DSC 0117
The system is boostrapped by connecting a serial cable to a director blade
DSC 0134
Initial configuration via serial cable (and the very handy Keyspan USB-to-Serial adapter dongle!)
Pas12 540x250 2
Blade macro shot
Pas12 540x250
Almost online now …



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