BioTeam Presentations at Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2022

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Trends from the Trenches

For ‘Trends from the Trenches’ at Bio-IT World 2022, BioTeam’s Chris Dagdigian joined forces with colleagues Michelle Bayly, Anna Sowa, and Adam Kraut to discuss the latest advanced technologies, data/digital transformation and artificial intelligence trends in life sciences.

Authorization (AuthZ) Engine Architecture for Distributed Systems

John Jacquay, Senior Scientific Consultant at BioTeam, will outline an ideal architecture for authorization engines in the context of distributed systems, including direction on avoiding common pitfalls relating to performance, capabilities, and architecture

Cloud Versus On-Premises Architecture for Science

As IT infrastructure becomes harder to manage, science organizations are trying to decide between going to the Cloud or investing in on-premises resources for scientific computing. Ari Berman, CEO of BioTeam, will present on the consequences and outcomes of making the choice between Cloud or on-premises architectures

Protected Data in Biomedicine: Current and Future State-of-the-art

Life sciences research is generating massive amounts of data that should be accessible to collaborators and colleagues to enable breakthrough discoveries. Join Ari Berman, CEO of BioTeam, for a panel discussion on the challenges and best practices of managing protected research data.