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How HPC Helps Improve Human Health and Saves Lives. February 15, 2023

Advancements and breakthroughs in high performance computing (HPC) play an increasingly important role in advancing the science behind modern approaches to healthcare and medicine. These developments correspond with the tremendous growth and constant innovation in laboratory and diagnostic equipment, providing high-quality data on molecular and cellular scales to clinical analytics and population health statistics. HPC and advanced computing are critical for bringing insight into focus from data in areas such as genomic sequencing, protein folding, drug development, image scan feature recognition, clinical drug trial outcomes analysis, healthcare records mining, and virus and pandemic modeling. Dr. Ari Berman, a neuroscientist, HPC expert, and the current CEO at BioTeam, will provide an overview of the impact of HPC in analytics, AI, simulation, medical diagnoses, and the development of effective therapies and treatments to help understand and improve human health.

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