BioTeam and OpenSky discuss the intersection of Science, IT and Data Protection

On September 19th BioTeam’s Chris Dagdigian joined OpenSky Corporation’s Mark Coderre to discuss “the intersection of Science, IT and Data Protection beyond compliance and regulation”. Data security is of paramount importance in modern science and determining how to manage and secure your data in an ever more collaborative, connected,  environment is a constant challenge.
OpenSky’s Mark Coderre discussed managing risk in Healthcare and the design of an appropriate enterprise security architecture that balances the business needs of the company with the demands of regulation and compliance. Chris Dagdigian touched on the real life implications of data security in the life sciences: human factors, the plusses and minuses of using the Cloud and the changing role of IT in developing and managing these environments.
Download Chris’ presentation: Governance, Risk and Compliance in the Globalized Scientific Community, by Chris Dagdigian
Download Mark’s presentation: Securing the Healthcare Ecosystem, by Mark Coderre
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