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Trends in Life Sciences High-Performance Computing, Part 1

In the March 1st issue of HPCwire, BioTeam’s Ari Berman and Aaron Gardner are featured in part 1 of a wide-ranging discussion about trends in High-Performance Computing. Their discussion covers AI, Analytics, and insights into leading strengths and capabilities of premiere cloud platforms. They review underlying drivers of HPC in life sciences and look at potential machine learning in support of pathology diagnosis. It’s a fascinating look at where we are now and where we are headed.

“We straddle cloud and on-premise all the time and are supportive of both. It’s interesting that we’ve seen an odd mixture in the life sciences market where there’s both a push to cloud and a pull from it. Some organizations are still on the all-cloud bent, but lots who tried that have now pulled back to what our colleague Adam Kraut calls ‘cloud sobriety.'”
Ari Berman, Vice President and General Manager of Consulting, BioTeam

Read part 1 of the HPCwire interview, Part 2 of this interview is available here.



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