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Managing NGS Data with the SlipStream Appliance

As the adoption of NGS increases, more users are evaluating what type of infrastructure to use to manage their data. With the varying levels of throughput, size of labs, and complexities of data analysis, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for managing NGS data. BioTeam has designed and implemented many different types of systems to help researchers leverage NGS over the years. More recently we have rolled all of our best-practices into the SlipStream Appliance which is targeted towards labs with who want a flexible, powerful system without a lot of IT overhead.
One of our early development partners, Ed DeLong at MIT, is a prominent metagenomics researcher and manages the NGS data from his MiSeq on the SlipStream Appliance using MiniLIMS. They install a variety of metagenomics analysis tools on the appliance as needed. They are just starting to use Galaxy on the SlipStream Appliance for analyzing their data.
He describes his research and experience with SlipStream in this SlipStream Appliance customer profile.
Read about Ed DeLong’s story >>

“Something that surprised us was that the amount of memory built into the device and
its considerable compute capability have allowed us to run substantial jobs directly on
the device which previously we would have had to run on an MIT 500 core cluster.
Because it’s all in one device it’s much easier to manage. Typically if you are trying to run a compute cluster and you have other storage devices and your sequencer, you are running
multiple dierent operating systems which entails a lot of systems administration and IT
management overhead.”
– Ed DeLong, PI, MIT



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