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MiniLIMS for Ion Torrent PGM Sequencer Launched


BioTeam Launches MiniLIMSTM for Ion Torrent PGM Sequencer

Marco Island, FL, February 15, 2012 – BioTeam Inc. announces the availability of BioTeam MiniLIMS for Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM). MiniLIMS is a powerful Web-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) built for scientists who want a cost-effective solution that is fast, simple and flexible.  MiniLIMS will be available for direct purchase through Life Technologies WebStore after March 15, 2012.
MiniLIMS is the first independent software solution to connect directly to the Ion Torrent Server. Tight integration permits automated data transfer, speeds data processing, and eliminates many sources of error. MiniLIMS captures NGS workflow processes including sample receipt, sample prep, planned experiments, and results viewing. This agreement expands the Life Technologies-BioTeam collaboration. BioTeam provides extended service and support for the Ion Torrent Server and Suite Software.
“The BioTeam has demonstrated market-leading knowledge of the Torrent Suite Software, that drives primary analysis of semiconductor sequencing, through their extensive work on both the Ion Torrent Grand Challenges and Torrent Server support services.  Their practical working knowledge of the underpinnings of the Ion Torrent software makes them a strong choice to consider when choosing a LIMS partner, “said Mike Lelivelt, Director of Bioinformatics and Software Products, Ion Torrent
“Effective data management is an ongoing challenge for NGS users with many still using spreadsheets. MiniLIMS helps PGM users quickly gain improved control of their NGS data and derive more value from their NGS-based activities,” said Stan Gloss, Managing Director, BioTeam.
Among MiniLIMS’ core capabilities are:

  • Simplified Data Entry. Customize data entry and display – without programming – to exactly match your samples, reagents, workflows, and instruments. Data stored in spreadsheets can be quickly and easily uploaded.
  • Automatic Loading of PGM Data. Data is imported from the PGM into MiniLIMS automatically, hyperlinking all the sample, run, and preparation details. Upload your own files, putting all the data you need in one place.
  • Powerful Report Generation. Create custom reports to see the state of your experiments at any time; there are pages that show the history of all data in the system.

The new MiniLIMS Ion Torrent plugin extends MiniLIMS to work with PGM data. Round trip data management allows scientists to plan experiments from MiniLIMS and see results from the PGM load automatically. MiniLIMS can alert users when data appears or pages change. Routine experiments can be configured using templates so a new run can be setup with a few keystrokes. Results can be delivered to users using the same project and sample overview pages that support Bioanalyzer, Nanodrop, or other lab processes. A graphical overview provides a snapshot of recent runs and analyses.
To see the most recent screenshots of MiniLIMS for PGM visit:
About BioTeam
BioTeam is a high performance consultancy, serving the needs of the life sciences community since 2002. Our expertise includes cluster computing, large scale data storage, cloud computing, and semantic LIMS development. For more information, please visit



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