2016 HPC Trends from the Trenches

Chris has been delivering his “trends from the trenches” presentation at the BioIT World Conference & Expo since 2010 and the talk has evolved into a fairly popular annual tradition.
The intent of the talk is to deliver a candid (and occasionally blunt) assessment of the best, the worthwhile, and the most overhyped information technologies (IT) for life sciences. The presentation tries to recap the prior year by discussing what has changed (or not) around infrastructure, storage, computing, and networks. This presentation will help scientists, leadership and IT professionals understand the basic topics involved in supporting data intensive science.
For a PDF copy of the presentation slides, please contact Chris directly at chris@Bioteam.net.
A Youtube video is embedded below containing live audio and video from the 2016 address synced to the slides.
Below the video embed is the slide presentation itself (without audio or video) as hosted on slideshare.net.



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