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Expert Insights: The State of Biomedical Research and HPC

Super Computing 2019 (SC19) is being held in Denver, Colorado in November of this year. As part of the SC19 Expert Insight series BioTeam’s Ari Berman was invited to write about the critical role that HPC plays in modern biomedical research. Driven by significant advances in laboratory instrumentation, whole genome sequencing now costs ~$1000 per genome (down from $1.2B) and happens overnight (down from 12 years). Similarly, imaging technologies such as Cryo-EM and lattice light sheet microscopy are generating multiple TB of data a day.
Berman describes how this massive growth in data generation rates and the resulting analytic requirements has established High Performance Computing as an essential laboratory tool that Researchers rely on in order to advance their research programs. With no let up on the data generation rates in sight, it is clear that biomedical research will be a significant driving force behind parts of the HPC industry for years to come.
Read the SC19 article here: Expert Insights: The State of Biomedical Research and HPC



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