BioTeam Panel evolves again for Bio-IT World 2018

BioTeam’s end-of-BioIT World session evolved again this year. Having changed in 2017 from Chris Dagdigian’s popular ‘Trends from the Trenches’ solo presentation to a panel of BioTeam consultants, 2018 saw a further change to a Town Hall format with the welcome addition of non-BioTeam perspectives from Tanya Cashorali, co-founder and CEO of TCB Analytics.
Bio-IT World wrote up a brief summary of the event describing some of the topics and some of the points that were raised. The session was also videotaped and we hope to be able to provide access to these edited recordings in due course. In the meantime, the presentations from last year’s BioTeam panel are available along with some other edited highlights of the question and answer sessions (see the related links, below).


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