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Trends/Friends from the Trenches 2021 – Videos

For ‘Friends from the Trenches, 2021’ BioTeam’s Chris Dagdigian joined forces with colleagues Adam Kraut and Karl Gutwin, and former BioTeam-er, now Director of Applications at NextSilicon, Fernanda Foertter, to give a four-part summary of some of the key trends in Bio-IT in 2021.

  • Chris Dagdigian talked about the infrastructure challenges brought about by COVID, secure ways to manage files across a broadly distributed workforce, and the critical role of data management as organizations trend towards ever larger data storage needs.
  • Adam Kraut discussed Digital Transformation and the characteristics of a healthy data ecosystem.
  • Karl Gutwin used real world projects to describe the need for more data flow automation, the role of data commons and takeaway messages for building and managing a data commons over the long term.
  • Fernanda Foertter gave some very practical advice for implementing AI and machine learning in 2021 and beyond.

Watch their presentations and please let us know if you have any thoughts or comments!



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