Computing is critical to modern science, it provides the foundation that enables scientists to stand on the shoulders of giants, to see further and make new discoveries. However, translating scientific needs into IT implications and requirements is challenging and requires a deep understanding of both Science and IT, plus how these two highly technical, highly complex areas interact.




Assessments & Strategic Planning

Many of our projects start with an Assessment phase. These provide all parties with a solid understanding of the Scientific and IT needs, the current situation and the desired end goals. This allows us to identify gaps to be addressed and define a solid strategic plan to achieve the stated goals. Your final report is a data-driven, integrated view of the situation that represents input from all stakeholders and provides a solid foundation for subsequent strategic planning.

Custom Web Applications & Bioinformatics

Clients turn to BioTeam to tap into our experience creating software and tools for Scientists. We can build a secure, cloud-based, web portal to your clinical genomics data; we can integrate a genome browser into your existing pipeline; we understand data standards and ontologies; we can tune your algorithms and effectively deploy them across your compute infrastructure. As scientists, we understand your science and why it matters; as software developers and computer scientists we can bring your ideas to life.

Infrastructure Design & Implementation

BioTeam’s core expertise is infrastructure for scientific computing. Our projects have run the gamut from small clusters to multi-thousand core HPC environments. We’ve built ScienceDMZ’s and designed national, coast-to-coast, scientific infrastructures. We have extensive experience with the Cloud and architecting hybrid-cloud solutions to support modern science workflows. We’ve built solutions for clients in Academia, Government, Pharma, Biotech, Military, Non-profits and more – You can be confident that our team has the experience for your project.

Training & Education

BioTeam training can help your team quickly get up to speed with new technologies like Amazon Web Services or DevOps tools like Chef and Anisble. The syllabus is based on the best practices we’ve developed using these tools in demanding production environments, tailored to the specific needs of your team and your projects. Your team is your most precious resource – let us help you expand their skills so they can keep learning and your organization can keep improving.

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Project Snippets

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