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Susan Gregurick Previews Potential Elements of NIH’s Next Strategic Plan for Data Science

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Susan Gregurick, Associate Director for Data Science and Director of the Office of Data Science Strategy at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), speaks with Stan Gloss, podcast host and BioTeam founder, about the next iteration of the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science and the lessons learned from the recent pandemic. “COVID just told us how much we weren’t doing, and how challenging it is to really get FAIR data into the hands of researchers in a timely fashion so they can find it, access it, and use it. We are nowhere close to actually accomplishing that goal,” Gregurick tells Gloss.

Over the next five years, the NIH plans to create a research data mesh to harmonize data services, enhance Researcher Auth Services to standardize methods for accessing data, develop hybrid data compute infrastructures, and create new language around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and research-inspired data. Hear Gregurick speak about the NIH’s vision to develop tools for ethical AI and her passion for enhancing training in under-resourced communities and building a multi-disciplinary and diverse data workforce.



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