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Webinar: 20 Years of BioTeam: Lessons Learned and Future Insights in Scientific Digital Transformation. December 7, 2022

In this webinar, BioTeam shared lessons learned and future insights from 20 years of helping scientific organizations accelerate scientific discovery by applying advanced technologies and data science strategies. 

Scientists, scientific leaders, and IT leaders were invited to join founders Stan Gloss, Bill Van Etten, and Chris Dagdigian, together with CEO Ari Berman, for a lively discussion about the importance of scientific data as the foundation of modern scientific discovery. Learn about: 

  • How scientific computing in life sciences has changed in the past 20 years 
  • How to solve the current problem: lack of unified scientific data ecosystems
  • The concept of data supply chains in modern scientific research, and why they are important
  • Pitfalls and solutions to making your data analysis-ready 
  • Choosing the right infrastructure to support connected data ecosystems 

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