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BioTeam Hosts RSA’s “Cyber Risk Qualification Workshop”
BioTeam, Inc. is pleased to announce it will be hosting RSA’s “Cyber Risk Qualification Workshop” event, presented by RSA, RiskLens and KPMG, at the Markley Center, located at 1 Summer St., Boston, MA on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 from 1PM to 5:30PM. RSA has announced that the agenda for this event includes:

  • An overview of the foundations of a risk program required to begin leveraging the standard for quantitative risk management for IT and cybersecurity risk management; the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) methodology
  • Presentation of a real world business use case illustrating how cyber risk quantification can help justify cost and rationalize spend of risk programs
  • A demonstration of how RSA Archer can be leveraged to prioritize risk mitigation efforts and communicate the impact of cyber risk in financial terms

As a life sciences technology consultancy, we place innovation in network security at the top of our list of interests for many reasons. One of these reasons is our work in Science DMZ design and implementation. Analyzing and qualifying risk is a key element in Science DMZ design, and is part of the calculus involved in planning a scientific network which avoids traditional stateful firewall architectures while prioritizing performance and alternative approaches to network security that fit scientific use cases.
Please join BioTeam on December 5th.



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