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Harvard FAS talk on high speed interconnects for commodity HPC systems

BioTeam Note: This is not a bioteam event or talk, we are posting the event details here because we can’t find the official online URL and the BAMBCT mailing list archives are not open to the public. This post gives us a way to help promote/mention the event online…

Harvard HPC Seminar Series – open to all

To Infiniband and Beyond: High Speed Interconnects in Commodity HPC Clusters

Theresa Kaltz, PhD, High Performance Technical Computing, FAS, Harvard
1-2pm, Thursday December 3rd, 2009
Harvard University Science Center, Room 110,
1 Oxford Street, Cambridge MA
Due to the wide availability and low cost of high speed networking,
commodity clusters have become the de facto standard for building high
performance parallel computing systems. This talk will introduce the
leading technology for high speed interconnects called Infiniband and
compare its deployment and performance to Ethernet. In addition, some
emerging interconnect technologies and trends in cluster networking will be
Teresa Kaltz is a Senior Research Associate in FAS IT Research Computing.
She has a PhD in aerospace engineering and a BS in chemical engineering.
After graduation she worked at Lawrence Berkley Lab and then spent eight
years in the High Performance Computing division at Hewlett Packard. She has
expertise in parallel programming, performance analysis and high speed
cluster networks. She joined Harvard in September of 2008



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