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Breaking Silos to Enable Breakthroughs

BioTeam’s Adam Kraut, Bill Van Etten, and John Jacquay have been working with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)’s Informatics and Predictive Sciences Business Partner, Daniel Huston on a way to help BMS unlock the potential in their existing data. The team utilized the Gen3 platform to develop the BMS Genomics Discovery Hub that has already resulted in signficant improvements in data understanding and the speed of data analysis.

The need to create a custom ‘data ecosystem’ to securely manage an organization’s data assets more efficiently and to allow staff to work with this data more effectively is a very common use case. This work on the Genomics Discovery Hub recently won a Bio-IT World 2020 Innovative Practices Award and a more in-depth article describing these business drivers and the eventual solution BioTeam created was published by Bio-IT World here.

You can download a PDF version of the BioTeam-BMS Genomics Discovery Hub Case Study which includes additional screenshots.



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