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Workshop: Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management

On Monday, April 28, 2008 BioTeam will be hosting a 1-day workshop covering the data movement and management issues that many early adopters of next-gen sequencing instruments are beginning to encounter.
BioTeam has been on the frontlines of next-generation sequencing integration, having helped several organizations with the unique next-gen IT, storage, and data management challenges. This workshop will present real-world customer experiences straight from the trenches.
You’ll get practical information about the analysis, assessment, design, implementation, testing, and support needed to bring a research organization from technology adoption to publication in the next-gen world.
This informative session will feature special guest speakers from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Broad Institute, Cornell University Biotechnology Resource Center, Harvard-Lipper Center for Computational Genetics, Naval Medical Research Center, and Intel, as well company representatives from Applied Biosystems, Helicos, Illumina, and Roche.
Event Information:
April 28, 2008
8am – 4pm
Boston, Massachusetts USA

[Download Agenda in PDF format here]
7:00-8:00am Pre-Conference Workshop Registration and Morning Coffee
8:00 Workshop Chairperson’s Remarks

William Van Etten, Ph.D., Founding Partner and Director of Consulting Services, BioTeam, Inc.

8:15 Advancing Personal Genetics with Second Generation Sequencing

Second generation DNA sequencing has arrived and along with it, affordable personal genomics in which anyone will be able to access their own genetic information.
George Church, Ph.D., Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Center for Computational Genetics

8:45 Managing the Data Flood in Next-Generation Sequencing

The staggering amount of data a next-generation sequencers produce is a boon and a challenge. Fortunately, there are new tools that can help.
W. Richard McCombie, Ph.D., Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

9:15 Bringing Next-Gen Sequencing Technologies into Large-Scale Production

Matthew Trunnell will discuss the computational and data management architecture of the Broad Institute’s environment and will share some of the operational lessons learned in the past 18 months as they have scaled up their next-gen sequencing infrastructure.
Matthew Trunnell, Group Leader, APSG, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

9:45 Refreshment Break
10:00 Implementing Next-Gen Sequencing in the Small Research Lab

Being a small facility doesn’t mean you don’t have big data management problems. It just means your resources are limited. However, a new interface gave the Naval Medical Research Lab the support it needed.
Timothy Read, Ph.D., Principle Investigator, Naval Medical Research Center

10:30 Meeting the Challenges of Data Management and Analysis for New Sequencing Technologies in an Academic Core Facility

Using next generation sequencing platforms as shared resources with robust IT and informatics support enables cost effective and broad based use of these emerging technologies.
George Grills, Director of Operations of Core Facilities, Cornell University Life Sciences Core Laboratories Center

11:00 Lunch on Your Own
1:30 Next-Generation Computing Strategies for Next-Generation Sequencing

The data challenges posed by the new generation of high throughput sequencers require advanced compute and storage solutions. Intel is working on new strategies to make analysis easier, faster, and more cost effective.
Wilfred Pinfold, Ph.D., General Manager, Integrated Analytic Solutions, Intel Corporation

2:00 Commercial Next-Generation Sequencing Technology Update

Are you in the market for a commercial solution? This technology showcase will highlight the most advanced systems to help you make an informed decision.

  • Kevin McKernan, Senior Director, Scientific Operations, Applied Biosystems
  • Avak Kahvejian, Product Manager Heliicos BioScience Corporation
  • Abizar Lakdawalla, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager, Illumina, Inc.
  • Timothy Harkins, Marketing Manager, Roche Diagnostic Corporation

3:00 Panel Discussion: Industry Overview
3:45 Workshop Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

William Van Etten, Ph.D., Founding Partner and Director of Consulting Services, BioTeam, Inc.



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