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AWS Cloud Solutions

BioTeam is one of the few advanced tier consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network. We leverage our deep Life Sciences competency to translate the scientific needs into scalable cloud architectures that enable new discoveries and innovations. Clients turn to BioTeam to tap into our experience creating cloud-based software, tools, and solutions for scientists.

Professional Services

BioTeam’s core expertise is infrastructure for scientific computing. Our projects have run the gamut from small clusters to multi-thousand core HPC environments. We’ve built high-speed research networks and designed national, coast-to-coast, scientific infrastructures. We have extensive experience with the Cloud and architecting hybrid-cloud solutions to support modern science workflows. We’ve built solutions for clients in Academia, Government, Pharma, Biotech, Military, Non-profits and more – You can be confident that our team has the experience for your project. Our staff has achieved the highest levels of AWS certifications including the Solutions Architect Professional, DevOps Engineer Professional, and specialties in Big Data.

AWS Cloud professional services from BioTeam include:

Cloud Connectivity

  • Assessments and strategic planning for AWS connectivity
  • VPC design and IP space allocation
  • Direct Connect design, planning, implementation and configuration
  • VPN to VPC design, planning, implementation and configuration
  • Transit VPC design, connecting global and regional VPC environments

High-Performance Computing

  • Parallel filesystem storage design, planning, and deployment
  • Autoscaling HPC clusters
  • Custom hybrid HPC environments

Security and Monitoring

  • IAM implementation and custom policy development
  • AMI modifications to support SSL encryption for AWS applications
  • Increasing security of existing cloud operations using CloudTrail, Config, and CloudWatch
  • Implementation of monitoring and logging systems

Identity and Access Management

  • Federation with Active Directory including complex multi-domain/multi-child AD forests
  • FreeIPA/RHEL-IDM to enable Role Based Access Control for AD-integrated Linux systems


  • Migrating from manual configuration and deployment methods
  • Adopting configuration management and infrastructure as code tools
  • CloudFormation deployment, orchestration, and best practices
  • Multi-region availability, replication, backup, and disaster recovery

Proof of Concept and Pilot Studies

  • Serverless application model
  • Cognito user pools and federation
  • Custom SAML federation
  • Containerizing bioinformatics workflows
  • Elastic Container Service (ECS), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Fargate

Training and Education

In addition to professional services BioTeam training can help your team quickly get up to speed with Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services. The syllabus is based on the best practices we’ve developed using these tools in demanding production environments, tailored to the specific needs of your team and your projects. Your team is your most precious resource – let us help you expand their skills so they can keep learning and your organization can keep improving. AWS Cloud Training and Education from BioTeam includes:

  • Instructor-led courses in a classroom setting with BioTeam’s AWS Certified staff
  • Workshops, White-boarding, and customized collaborative training events
  • 1 on 1 AWS advisory services with BioTeam’s AWS Certified staff

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