MiniLIMS is an NGS application

Have a Next Gen Sequencing instrument and a bunch of spreadsheets that are getting tough to maintain and share? MiniLIMS can provide laboratory data management with a simple, downloadable software package for less than the cost of a single run.

MiniLIMS tracks samples, libraries and sequencing results out-of-the-box for the common NGS platforms. Drop it on to a LAMP stack Linux box, walk through the installation wizard and you're ready to go. Even the import of existing data is a simple wizard driven process.

MiniLIMS is an NGS platform

Though MiniLIMS can work for many labs out-of-the-box, it is based on years of scientific consulting experience. Using WikiLIMS as an inspiration, MiniLIMS allows the definitions of types and fields through a form-based interface in a smaller, simpler package. Lab personnel with no programming experience can create new data types and alter existing ones with little effort.

MiniLIMS home page
2011 AGBT Poster
2011 AGBT Poster

Because of the varied nature of NGS labs, MiniLIMS was built on a plugin architecture. Illumina, 454, and even core functionality is implemented via plugins, so you can choose the functionality you want. Plugins are available for the major sequencing platforms plus other key lab needs.

Plugin Availability
Roche 454 Now
Illumina GAIIx Now
Illumina HiSeq Now
Ion Torrent PGM February 2012
PacBio 2012
SOLiD 4 2012
SOLiD 5500 2012

Or, if your lab has a programmer or savvy bioinformatician, you can build your own to add custom graphics, reports, or new data sources. A simple PHP subclass is all it takes to add new types, menu items, pages, or instruments.

Even the core data types like Samples and Libraries can be safely extended so that your customizations persist release after release.

The code is yours for less than the cost of some instrument runs

Though you'll see the value of MiniLIMS grow with every experiment, a MiniLIMS installation can cost less than a single run. Not like some LIMS vendors where it's closer to the cost of the instrument. And the interpreted PHP code is accessible for any modification you'd like to make, so you have full control over your investment.

MiniLIMS is supported by decades of bioinformatics expertise

A massive amount of bioinformatics and software expertise is available to support the MiniLIMS platform. Michele Clamp, lead architect of the MiniLIMS system, has been developing genomics software for 15 years. The combined software and bioinformatics experience available for support, advice and consulting by BioTeam scientists can be brought on board for everything from single instrument academic labs to core facilites to large corporate sequencing operations.

Don't take our word for it

Even though the software is only now available for general release, BioTeam consulting customers and beta testers have been using MiniLIMS on live data for months. Despite the rough edges of beta software, customers are already feeling the benefits of system.