Third Party Tools Licenses

The following is a list of the third party software that are configured for the BioTeam Appliance Galaxy Edition. Please click on the link in the third column to view the corresponding license.

Galaxy Tools

Third Party ToolVersionLicense
BEDTools2.17.0BEDTools License
Bowtie1.0.0See README file for Bowtie license
Bowtie22.1.0See README file for Bowtie2 license
BWA0.7.5BWA License
Cufflinks2.1.1Cufflinks License
FastQC0.10.1FastQC License
FastXToolkit0.0.13.2FastXToolkit License
GalaxyMost RecentGalaxy License
GNUPlot4.6.4GNUPlot License
MACS1.4.1MACS License
Picard Tools1.105Picard Tools
TopHat1.3.2TopHat License
TopHat22.0.10TopHat2 License
Weblogo33.3Weblogo3 License

System-level Software

Third Party ToolVersionLicense
Dell System E-support Tool3.5.0.282Dell E-Support Tool License
Open Grid Scheduler2011.11plOpen Grid Scheduler License
Sun Grid Engine6.2u5-4SGE License
Opscode Chef11.4.4OpsCode Chef License
Ubuntu12.04.3 LTSUbuntu License