Microbial Genomics Appliance

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BioTeam Appliance: Microbial Genomics Edition

powered by QIAGEN Bioinformatics

BioTeam and QIAGEN’s proof-of-concept appliance packages QIAGEN’s bioinformatics solution for microbial genomics with the BioTeam Appliance scientific computing platform to provide a cost-effective, high-performance offering. The microbial genomics solution includes CLC Genomics Workbench enhanced with a series of modules offering specialized tools for microbial typing and microbiome research. The flexible, customizable turn-key appliance delivers a system that simplifies the IT needed to run and manage CLC software on an infrastructure that is tuned for scientific workloads. The standalone high performance appliance is ideal for situations where pathogen or other microbial NGS data need to be analyzed quickly.

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