BioTeam Appliance Galaxy Edition

Science on Day One

The BioTeam Appliance Galaxy Edition is a push-button solution that let’s researchers get up and running quickly with Galaxy.  The Galaxy Appliance comes preinstalled with a production instance of Galaxy, bioinformatics tools, and reference datasets. This powerful system is specifically configured for computationally intensive scientific workloads. The Galaxy Appliance also provides researchers with the flexibility to install additional applications they need, independent of Galaxy, in order to effectively conduct their research on one central system. BioTeam provides ongoing support for the Galaxy Appliance, enabling researchers to minimize their IT burden. The Galaxy Appliance is used by researchers around the world for metagenomic, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq analysis and more.



BioTeam will be presenting the Galaxy Appliance at the following events:

BioIT World Conference & Expo

May 23 & 25, 2017

Boston, MA

Galaxy Community Conference

June 26 – 30, 2017

Montpellier, France

Product History

BioTeam has a long history of developing products to support Life Sciences work.  The following is an overview of the products that BioTeam has developed and offered in the past. These products are no longer available.


MiniLIMS was a light-weight LIMS system that tracked samples, libraries and sequencing results out-of-the-box for the common NGS platforms.


iNquiry was a fully provisioned informatics cluster that automatically installed on one or more Apple Xserves in minutes from an Apple iPod.