Webinar: IT Project Validation 202


In part 2 of their IT Project Validation webinar series, BioTeam’s Kristen Cleveland joins forces with Ron Welter (Hawkins Point Partners) to talk more about the challenges associated with deploying IT systems in a regulated environment. In this webinar they are joined by special guest, Hitesh Bhatt (Managing Director of IT Quality & Regulatory Compliance Services for Hawkins Point Partners) to talk about the issues associated with implementing and validating SaaS systems as well as going deeper into the more advanced concepts, scenarios and industry trends relevant to IT project managers in the Life Sciences.

The webinar content is ideally suited for the project manager who wants to become an expert at managing validated projects in the Life Sciences domain.

A recording of Part 1 in this series can be accessed here.


Kristen Cleveland, Senior Director, Delivery Services

IT Project Validation 202

April 18, 2018

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT