PEARC 2018: Data Storage Meet-up



BioTeam is attending the 2018 PEARC conference in Pittsburgh, PA, July 22nd-26th. We will be hosting a special meeting Wednesday, July 25 10am – 11am to explore the impact that Scientific and Research IT infrastructure can have in a modern research environment. The full abstract for the session is shown below, please stop by and contribute to the discussion if you are attending the conference this year!

Data Storage Meet-up: Challenges and Emerging Architectures for Effective, High-Performance Research Data Storage

Modern scientific computational workloads are putting increasing strain on existing storage architectures. A decade or more ago, scientific applications were typically CPU bound. Today, many computational workflows such as those in the life sciences and data analytics are heavily IO bound and frequently involve large input, output, and temporary data sets and lots of random IO.

Traditional storage systems simply weren’t designed for the scalability and performance requirements of modern scientific workloads. The emerging use of machine learning, GPUs, and other accelerator technologies make the situation even more challenging. New storage architectures and solutions are needed to ensure that data storage will be able to keep up with the future computational demand.

Join us for three short presentations to set the stage for lively open discussion and networking. Topics include some of the key storage challenges in computational research, emerging software solutions that have shown great promise, and storage characteristics needed to support state-of-the-art scientific research.


Overview of Storage Challenges in Scientific Research
Markus Dittrich, BioTeam

Evaluating Emerging Flash Storage Architectures for Research Computing
Ron Hawkins, SDSC

Bending the Rules of Reality for Improved Collaboration and Faster Data Access
David Hiatt, WekaIO



Markus Dittrich, Vice President, Consulting Services

Challenges and Emerging Architectures for Effective, High-Performance Research Data Storage

July 25, 2018

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EDT