BioTeam at PEARC 2018


BioTeam is attending the 2018 PEARC conference in Pittsburgh, PA, July 22nd-26th. We will be hosting a Birds of a Feather session on Wednesday, July 25th, 5pm – 6pm to explore the impact that Scientific and Research IT infrastructure can have in a modern research environment. The full abstract for the session is shown below, please stop by and contribute to the discussion if you are attending the conference this year!


Impact of dedicated scientific IT infrastructure and support on modern research

Scientists have become increasingly reliant on modern IT infrastructure. Especially in the life sciences modern scientific instrumentation can produce terabytes of data every week which needs to be stored, managed, analyzed and shared. Even small research labs are now able to run these instruments and have become big data producers generating gigabytes and terabytes of data. On the other hand, research labs have traditionally been supported by enterprise IT focused on providing desktop level IT support. Enterprise IT is not equipped to provide the research IT environment that scientists need to conduct state-of-the-art scientific research. What scientists need is dedicated, centralized research IT infrastructure including tiered storage, computing, data management and a network that supports big scientific data flows. Further, scientists need dedicated research IT support focused on high-performance computing, data storage, programming, workflow development and others. Thus, there is currently a large and growing gap between what scientists need and what many institutions across academia and industry provide


Bhanu Rekepalli, Senior Director, Government Services Markus Dittrich, Vice President, Consulting Services

Impact of dedicated scientific IT infrastructure and support on modern research

July 25, 2018

5:00 PM to 6:00 PM