Convergence Lab

The BioTeam Convergence Lab provides clients access to integrated testing capabilities for hardware and software that advance computer-aided life sciences research. In cooperation with vendors and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), BioTeam staff research and refine end-to-end life sciences technology environments such as those found in sequencing centers or microscopy labs.

BioTeam’s mission is to provide objective, vendor agnostic solutions to researchers. As the life sciences community produces growing data sets from laboratory analytical devices, research, and patient data, IT organizations feel increasing pressure to find effective and economical means to support these growing workloads. The Convergence Lab provides a unique sandbox environment where solutions to these workloads can be developed.

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160 cores, 4 GPUs

2×40 Core, 256GB RAM Compute Nodes

2×40 Core, 256GB RAM, 2x GPU Compute Nodes



550TB of storage

50TB BioTeam configured ZFS storage

500TB Panasas AS20 Network Attached Storage

Avere FXT Filers for Cloud and NAS Acceleration



100G, 40G and 10G connectivity

100G Juniper SRX Firewall

100G Juniper MX Router

Multiple Juniper switches with 40G and 10G networking for HPC connectivity

Thank you to the following companies for their assistance with the Convergence Lab:

Let us know if you have some hardware or software you would like to try in the Convergence Lab